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Petroplex’s large equipment base with 36 pumps ranging from 500-2500 HP enables us to service every customer from the small independent producer to the large E&P customers. From CO2 to high rate and pressure fracture acidizing, Petroplex’s 37 years of experience has allowed Petroplex to be the leader in the Permian Basin in designing and pumping acid treatments. Petroplex utilizes their full-service lab for testing needs and provides customers with custom acid blends.

Acid-Frac Transports

ADD Acid Frac TransportPetroplex provides the largest fleet of MC412 acid transports for around the clock hydrochloric acid needs during frac treatments. Our transports with pre-blended acid systems provide quality, monitoring, custody, safety and environmental replacement for acid frac tanks on location.


Petroplex performs remedial cement services such as squeeze treatments, liner treatments, and plug & abandonment treatments. Petroplex operates a state of the art bulk plant facility to create customized cement blends for customers and utilizes a 3rd party cementing lab for testing.


Pressure Pumping

With an inventory of 11 2250-2500 HHP frac pumps and the pressure pumping capability to 15,000 PSI, Petroplex has the ability to provide pressure pumping services including pump downs, toe preps, step rate tests, and acid fracturing treatments.

The Bottom Line

Petroplex offers innovative treatment designs, well-maintained, and highly customized equipment that enables Petroplex to (i) service customers with less equipment and personnel, (ii) utilize the most optimal and efficient equipment for each job, (iii) design the most cost-efficient treatment method (iv) maintain safety as a top priority. Our large equipment base and knowledge represents a significant advantage, as it enables us to service every customer who requires timely and cost-efficient treatments. Whatever your need, Petroplex has the experience and equipment to meet your needs.