© Petroplex Acidizing
© Petroplex Acidizing


From matrix to high rate and pressure fracture acidizing Petroplex provides the largest fleet of pure play acidizing equipment in the Permian Basis to cover our customer’s needs.

Acid - Frac Transports:

Petroplex provides the largest fleet of MC412 acid transports for around the clock hydrochloric acid needs during frac treatments. Our transports with pre-blended acid systems provide quality, monitoring, custody, safety and environmental replacements for acid frac tanks on location.

Petroplex Acidizing has pressure pumping

units in the range of 500 to 2000 horsepower plus transports and pump trucks with 1,500 gallons to 5,000 gallon capacity. Included on each pump truck is a mini blender, a ball injector or pin point injection hoses. Our large equipment base represents a significant advantage, as it enables us to service every customer from the small independent producer to the large E&P customers who require timely service in order to avoid production-related delays. Whatever your need, Petroplex will fit the unit to the specific needs of your job.

© Petroplex Acidizing
© Petroplex Acidizing

Pump down, pressure testing, step rate injection, backside monitoring:

Petroplex offers a wide range of pressure pumping equipment for pressure pumping needs.

The Bottom Line:

Petroplex offers innovative , well-maintained, and highly customized equipment design that enables Petroplex to (i) service customers with less equipment and personnel, (ii) utilize the most optimal and efficient equipment for each job, and (iii) maintain safety as a top priority. Our treater van fleet offers the highest industry standard for our customers; our vans come complete with customer seating and Rolligon treating systems to provide our customers with the comfort of advanced monitoring and control equipment in an air conditioned environment.