At Petroplex, safety comes first.

Petroplex has an exemplary safety record that our customers have come to depend on. Petroplex maintains all the requisite safety and employee training standards necessary to provide services for our customer base which includes several major E&P producers.

All of our crews are hydrogen sulfide tested, CPR trained, and attend monthly safety meetings conducted by a full time safety supervisor.

We minimize the possibility of accidents by safeguarding our crews with proper safety equipment that is tested and inspected monthly. Our specialized safety equipment includes shower trailers, automated pop-off valves and remote ball guns that reduce our employee’s exposure to highly pressurized equipment at the well site.

We also encourage safe and dependable performance through our Human Resources department. We carefully screen all of our new applicants to ensure background records are compatible with our commitment to providing safe working conditions. Our employees have an exemplary record of customer feedback and safety by maintaining low vehicle moving violations and no well-site accidents.

Petroplex maintains a treating iron and connection certifying program in which each joint of treating iron and all connections are pressure tested, ultrasonic tested, documented, and tagged yearly or when repaired. Petroplex is the only pure acidizing – pressure pumping service company in the Permian Basin to certify its treating iron. As a part of our larger commitment to safety we may be the only acidizing company in the region that regularly tests this equipment as a part of our normal practice.

Our larger more complex jobs are regularly supervised by multiple senior management including field supervisors, senior salesmen, safety manager, and even our president.